Rob Ball - Art, Community Cultural Development & Placemaking
Short. Back. Sides.
We are being Surrounded
Brunswick Art Space
29 November to the 8 December 2013

Curated by Linda Studená and Alister Karl, with artists:
Luke Perillo | Alister Karl | Linda Studená | Rob Ball | Peter Davison | Leah Murphy | Carmen Reid | Minela Krupic

The word Manhattanization has been bandied around a lot as of late, as old Brunswick and the rest of Melbourne drowns in the proliferation of new high rise developments.

Inspired by graffiti in the alley outside Brunswick Arts Space, We are being Surrounded responded the current urban landscape of inner-city Melbourne, while exploring the struggle between the old Melbourne and the rolling tide of the new, gentrified, high-density, doomed-to-date-badly new Melbourne.